The Fairlington 5K Run & Walk is a non-competitive, family friendly event hosted by Abingdon Elementary School and the Fairlington Citizens Association (FCA). Our mission is to promote health and physical fitness while bringing the community together for a good cause. The goal of this event is to raise money and awareness for Ellie McGinn and Abingdon’s Physical Education Program.

Ellie McGinn is a fifth-grader at Abingdon Elementary and a Fairlington resident who was diagnosed with Leukodystrophy-LBSL in September 2011. LBSL is a uniquely rare degenerative brain and spinal cord  disease. Due to the rare genetic disorder, Ellie's body does not produce a protein essential for the production of myelin. Myelin is a critical substance for the brain and nervous system, provides insulation, and helps transmit signals from the brain to the rest of the body. To learn more about Ellie’s disease watch the video to the right.

Proceeds from previous races have helped the family’s foundation, “A Cure for Ellie,” kick-start research at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore that aims to cure Ellie’s disease. Now entering their third year of research, the scientists at Kennedy Krieger in the process of testing novel therapies, such as “small molecule” drugs in order to correct Ellie’s genetic mutation.

Abingdon Elementary’s Physical Education Program and Literacy Program helps all our students through innovative and forward-thinking learning experiences. Students choreograph dances during P.E. and participate in authentic book clubs during reading class.  The Fairlington Citizens Association (FCA) was established in 1977 and represents 3,449 households across North and South Fairlington. FCA works in cooperation with neighboring community associations to preserve and enhance the quality of life in Fairlington.

Our community and friends will once again come together this April to run or walk a five kilometer route around the Fairlington neighborhood. Participants will receive t-shirts. Dogs and strollers are welcome.

The Fairlington 5K is organized by Abingdon Elementary’s physical education teachers, Joe Reed and Mike Collazos, along with Jennifer Davies from the Fairlington Citizen Association. We look forward to helping our community’s children and strengthening our community’s bond through your continued support.